What's new

Brightstat.com has been completely redesigned as a web application for statistics and data visualization.

  • Do statistics on tablets and mobile devices
  • Better integration on all devices
  • Interactive graphs
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • Faster computations
  • Presentation mode
  • secure connection
  • lots of bugfixes


  • Descriptive statistics (Mean, Median, Mode, Dispersion, Range, Variance, etc.)
  • Non-parametric tests (Mann-Whitney U test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Friedman test, etc.)
  • Parametric tests (t-test, paired t-test, Analysis of variance univariate and multivariate (ANOVA and MANOVA), linear regression, logistic regression, reliability etc.)
  • Data visualization (line plot, bar plot, area plot, scatter plot, box plot and histogram plot)
  • Data manipulation
  • Filter, split and weight data
  • etc.

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Where is my account?

Unfortunately existing users need to create a new account. If you want to use the previous version of brightstat click here. The previous version will be available until end of 2015.

Tip of the week


Define value labels

Brightstat works best with all your variables in number format. However, for categorical variables you can define value labels. These will be used instead of the number values in output tables and graphs. In the data or the variables window select 'Define Value Labels' from the menu.


Sort data

You can sort your data by clicking on the header cell of the desired variable column in the data window


Save and reuse graph templates

In the graph edit dialogue box select 'template' and save your graph as template file. You can apply this template to all graphs of the same type, e.g. a scatterplot template can only be applied to scatterplots. Until now, templates are not stored in the database, they are active only during your current session. However, subscribers can save an output with graphs and reuse the graphs as templates in later sessions.


Data and output menu icons explained

menu icon Opens the data (output) menu
toggle fullscreen icon Toggles full screen mode
zoom in icon zoom in (this applies to data grid, output navigation and output content windows)
zoom out icon zoom out (this applies to data grid, output navigation and output content windows)
download icon Opens the download data (output) dialogue box (download from the database)
upload icon Opens the upload data (output) dialogue box (upload into the database)
add case icon Adds a row (case) on top of the data grid
delete data row icon Enter (leave) delete row mode. As long as this is active (green) you can delete data rows by clicking on a cell of the desired row and press enter.
open calculator icon Opens brightstat′s calculator
edit output icon Makes output editable. When active (green) you can edit output headers (works best on desktop computers).
enter presentation mode icon Enter presentation mode. Switch to full screen display of your output.

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Stricker, D. (2008). BrightStat.com: Free statistics online. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 92, 135-143.


Version history

2015-07-08 v1.1.0

  • Logistic regression implemented. Minor bug fixes.

2015-06-02 v1.0.3

  • You can now print your html output and you can also send your html output to a friend. In output menu select 'get html output'

2015-05-27 v1.0.2

  • On iPhones™ menu bar is hidden by the browser's adress bar, so I added a button for opening and closing the menu. Swipe down whithin the iconbar on top will also open the menu. And swipe up will close the opened menu.
  • Bugfixed: function for moving variables up and down in the list of selected variables of various tests

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Known Issues


  • More graphs
  • Logistic Regression
  • Kaplan Maier
  • Graph Export as png or jpeg does not work on Windows® Phone

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