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  • BrightStat offers explanations and examples of non-parametric and parametric tests
  • BrightStat offers an online statistics calculator for doing your own statistical analysis and data visualisation, inclunding many non-parametric and parametric tests and fully customizable graphs (bar plot, column plot, line plot, area plot, boxplot, scatterplot, pie plot, histogram, etc.)
  • BrightStat offers the Visualizer for easy calculation of critical values and p-values for most important probability distributions in statistics as the standard normal distribution, Chi-squared distribution, Student's t distribution and Fisher's F distribution

BrightStat for teachers:

  • As a teacher you can manage the licenses for the web application for your students yourself
  • As a teacher you can publish the datafiles for your class
  • As a teacher you will have unlimited file upload for free
  • Apply for your academic account and you will get a free license package for your class for the first year

BrightStat for students:

  • An academic license allows you to do your statistics on every device whenever you are connected to the internet
  • An academic license allows you to email the outputs of your statistical analyses to your teacher from within the application
  • In addition to the class files an academic license allows to store a maximum of 20 files on BrightStat's server


What's new

Brown Forsythe Test added

Academic licenses

BrightStat now offers academic licenses. As a teacher or a lecturer of an academic institution you may apply for your academic account. An academic account allows you to

  • buy academic license packages (discount of up to 60% compared to a standard 1-year license)
  • manage the academic licenses for your students (provide a list of your students' emails and a start date for the licenses, BrightStat will do the rest)
  • share data files from your account with your class

You will also get unlimited file slots for your account at no additional cost. Apply now and get a limited 1-year license package for your students for free.

An academic license is a 1-year license with a limit of 20 file slots.


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BrightStat tips


Problem with Firefox on Windows

Occasionally variables can not be selected in variable lists in BrightStat's web application. In such a case try another web-browser. Generally I recommend Chrome, Edge or Safari for web application.


Excel upload

You can upload your data in Microsoft Excel format. If this does not work, you can always export your data as a tab-delimited text file from within Microsoft Excel and upload the text file. This should work properly. Read more about how to prepare your data for BrightStat



By default brightstat rounds the results to five and p-values to three decimal places. If you need more presicion, just click on the the result cell in the output table.


Automatic recode

BrightStat lets you recode categorical variables, often coded as strings, into ascending numbers automatically. Just select 'Automatic Recode' in the 'Data Menu' and indicate the variables to be recoded. The old values will be stored as value labels for the new numeric variable.


BrightStat sample files

In the 'Data Menu' there is 'Load Sample Datafile' in the first column 'Data File'. There you'll find a list of sample files (including files for all examples on BrightStat's website). So you can start discovering BrightStat right away.


BrightStat calculator

BrightStat has a built in calculator which allows you to compute new variables with existing ones. If you have measured the weight (in kg) and height (in meters) of n subjects you can easily compute the body mass index (BMI) for all subjects. If your variables are named 'weight' and 'height' the formula would be: _weight/_height^2.
The sample file 'BodyFat' contains the variables 'Weight' (pounds) and 'Height' (inches), so the formula for calculating the BMI needs some adjustment in that case: (_Weight*0.45359237)/(_Height*2.54/100)^2.
Note: In the formula a variable name is always preceded by an underscore '_'.


Editing your data

BrightStat is not intended to be a data editor. Small changes can be done without problems but be aware that editing your data in Brighstat's data window may be very time consuming, especially with larger data files.
It is strongly recommended to prepare your data for BrightStat before uploading it into the database. A period '.' will be treated as a missing value.
How to prepare your data for BrightStat


Set data filter

You can define a filter variable for your data. Analysis and graphs are then performed for selected cases only. Select 'Filter Data' from the menu and indicate which values of which variables should be included in the analysis.


Split your datafile

You can split your datafile using a categorical variable. All tests and/or graphs are then performed for the individual categories of the split variable. Select 'Split Data' from the menu and indicate one or more split variables.

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Stricker, D. (2008). Free statistics online. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 92, 135-143.


Version history

2017-05-05 v1.3.1

  • Video tutorials are now embeded in the web application
  • A bug has been fixed. Graphs for MANOVA and repeated ANOVA are now labeled correctly even when split file is active.

2017-03-20 v1.2.20

  • Table headers fixed in some result tables

2017-03-08 v1.2.19

  • Minor bugfixes

2017-03-03 v1.2.18

  • Function selection fixed in graph dialogue
  • I have adapted the dialogue box for column, line and area graphs with more than one variable. You can now select the desired function for the variables before adding them to the list.

2017-02-18 v1.2.17

  • Brown Forsythe Test added
  • I have added the Brown Forsythe test for homogeneity of variances in the following statistical procedures: MANOVA, ANOVA, Repeated ANOVA, one-way ANOVA and comparison of variances

2017-01-18 v1.2.16

  • Bug fix for BrightStat Calculator
  • I have fixed an error which occurred when calculating a new variable with a datafile containing more variables than cases.

2016-12-06 v1.2.15

  • Bug fix for Mann Whitney U-Test
  • I have fixed an error which did not address large differences in sample sizes in the Mann Whitney U-Test correctly. Exact values are now reported only if both samples are less than 9 observations.

2016-10-28 v1.2.14

  • Minor bug fix for box-plot chart
  • I have fixed an error in the dialogue of single boxplot graphs with separate variables. The buttons to add and remove variables to and from the list of selected variables work correctly now.

2016-09-08 v1.2.13

  • Minor bug fixes for chart editor
  • I have fixed some errors that occurred when positions of category elements on x axis or within pie charts were changed.

2016-08-25 v1.2.12

  • Pie graphs are now available
  • Graphs may now be exported to pdf and svg files. For doing this, uses the exporting service of Highcharts. Please be aware of their terms of use
  • Minor bugs fixed, especially in the chart editor

2016-06-08 v1.2.11

  • Teachers and lecturers with an academic account may share their data files with their students. This convenient function ensures that students always have the correct data files available for the excercises.

2016-05-20 v1.2.10

  • BrightStat now offers academic licenses: As a teacher or lecturer of an academic institution you may apply for your academic account and get academic licenses for the first year for your class for free.
  • When signing out from BrightStat's web application, the data is now reset. If you have cached your data file locally and sign in again, your data will be automatically restored from the local cache.
  • Minor bugs fixed

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